• Clean Restrooms are Key to Customer Impressions

    Professional Cleaning for Restrooms

    Clean Restrooms are Key to Customer Impressions

    To your customers, the cleanliness of your restrooms says a lot about how you run your business. Because they consider restroom hygiene as a reflection of overall quality standards, a negative restroom experience can seriously tarnish an otherwise great reputation.

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  • Mythbusters: The Truth About Multipurpose Products for Effective Cleaning

    There is a lot of confusion in the cleaning industry about cleaning and disinfecting, whether it’s a one-step or two-step process. Discover the myths surrounding multipurpose products and learn how to use them properly to optimize your cleaning program.

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  • Keeping it Clean: Tips to Efficiently Sanitize the Restroom

    The restroom - this small but heavily used space is one of the most significant rooms to clean in any business or facility. It’s not only tough to clean, but can have a significant impact on a customer’s perception of your business. Learn insider tips to clean the restroom for proper hygiene and customer satisfaction.

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  • 11/7/2013

    Cleanliness Is Key To Exceptional Customer Experience in Retail Spaces

    Cleanliness can be a key way to provide an exceptional customer experience in any retail space. To provide customers with a top-notch experience in your store, create a cleaning routine that not only addresses all the areas that they frequent, but gives extra attention to high traffic areas like the store entrance, checkout stands, and restrooms. These high-traffic areas can make a big impact on a customer’s first impression.

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  • 11/5/2013

    Creating a Great First Impression in Your Hotel Through Cleanliness

    To deliver a great first impression of your hotel, consider the cleanliness of your property as you aim to create a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back. According to the 2013 Cleaning Industry Insights Survey from P&G Professional, managers of cleaning operations in the hospitality industry noted that the most important business factor is “keeping customers satisfied” (39 percent).

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