Tide® Professional Coldwater Laundry System Helps Pacifica Hotels Reduce Water Usage Across its 35 Properties

The Situation

Laundry operations account for the second greatest use of hotel water. With severe drought and water reduction mandates in effect, hotels are finding new ways to conserve water and other natural resources. The Tide Professional Coldwater Laundry System enables properties to reduce water usage in their laundry machines by as much as 40 percent and the energy needed to heat the water in a commercial washer by as much as 75 percent1.

Tide Coldwater Helps Pacifica Hotels Conserve Water

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Pacifica Hotels operates 35 boutique hotels on the Pacific Coast. Faced with extreme water conservation measures and exorbitant surcharges due to the drought, Pacifica Hotels first tested Tide Coldwater in their Cambria, Calif. market where the water supply was drastically diminished. They saw favorable results and expanded the system to their other properties. “As a hotel operator in California, it’s incumbent on all of us to work together to try and conserve water wherever possible,” said Alan Hurd, Director of Operations, Pacifica Hotels. “We look for every opportunity we can, and the Tide Coldwater System lets us reduce the amount of loads, wash cycles, and rinse cycles that we use, thereby conserving a substantial amount of water at each hotel every year.”

According to Hurd, the primary focus of their guests’ stay is around the bed, citing that a clean, fresh-smelling bed makes a world of difference between a good and bad night’s rest. When guests feel soft, comfortable bedding, it reminds them of home and Tide and Downy help add to that overall home-away-from-home experience, says Hurd.

In addition to reducing water and energy used and the associated costs, since transitioning to Tide Coldwater, Pacifica Hotels has seen whiter, fluffier and cleaner smelling linens and they are discarding fewer linens than with their previous system.

Hurd says he highly recommends the Tide Coldwater System to other operators and that the service from P&G Professional has been outstanding. Watch Hurd's testimonial to see more about Pacifica's experience.

Tide Professional Coldwater Laundry System

Winner of the 2015 Silver Edison Green Award, the Tide Professional Coldwater laundry system can help hotels save as much as $8,7002 per year based on water, energy and linen replacement cost savings. Tide Professional Coldwater has an advanced formula that uses unique enzymes, specially designed for lower wash temperatures, which help effectively break down stains without the need for higher wash temperatures. To order Tide Professional Coldwater for your business click here. For a video about how Tide Coldwater is helping states affected by the drought click here.

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