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ProLine Low Odor Floor Stripper Select This Retailer

P&G Pro Line® Floor Finish Stripper #10

  • Delivers extremely low odor with a perfume additive,
  • Just as effective as traditionally-high PH strippers with proprietary combination of solvents
  • No Butyl
  • Lower alkalinity than traditional floor strippers for employee safety.

  • Pro Line Floor Finish Stripper Concentrate 4/1 gal

    Case: 10037000417757
    Package: 037000417750
    Weight: 36.7
    Units: 4

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  • Pro Line Floor Finish Stripper Concentrate 1/5 gal

    Case: 10037000466298
    Package: 037000466291
    Weight: 46.75
    Units: 1

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