Mr Clean Magic Eraser

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    Awesome Product

    My husband and I have just built a new living unit on an acreage. We have well water and it is full of iron. My brand new bath tub and shower was turning yellow from the water. Everything I used to try and clean it with did not work. Today I thought about the Mr Clean Magic Eraser that I have under my kitchen sink and thought I would try it. Well, I have never been more impressed with a cleaning item as I am with your Magic Eraser. In about three minutes, I had all the iron built up on my new tub and shower wiped off and it looks like new! I will tell everyone I know about this discovery. The best cleaning product I have ever used! Thank you so very much for this item. I have regained my one day off to spend with family, not scrubbing a bath tub. Amazing!

    — DChessall1 from Nipawin, Saskatchewan
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  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser

    Is the best cleaner for everything related to household duties. Although, you should try making a swiffer wet jet style mop with the Magic Eraser since it will be something more easier for customers to clean with it rather than be on the floor scrubbing away. KUDOS!

    — MColon
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