Ivory Dish Detergent

3.7 Based on 3 Reviews

  • Only dish soap that I can use....

    Due to a skin condition, Ivory is the best dish soap for me to use. In my small kitchen I do not have a dishwasher. Except for when my skin condition flares up, I don't mind washing dishes. Ivory has always been the best for me to use & the dishes are always clean.

    — Jane from PA
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  • Don't waste your money!

    I have been using Ivory Liquid Dish Detergent since I was a child. (I'm 65 now.) The new improved version is an absolute waste of money. Any suds you might get last less than 5 minutes. You can wash one dish and need a new dishpan of water & soap. Sadly this will be my last bottle of Ivory Liquid.

    — from Richmond, VA
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  • Irreplaceable

    I have been using Ivory dish detergent for 50+ years. Over the years I have tried other dish detergents, but none of them (to use an old saying) can hold a candle to Ivory. Nothing else is even close. Some of the others make my hands very dry, some of them make them itch, none does a better job of cleaning, and none of them is easier on my hands. I will forever use Ivory and recommend it to anyone interested.

    — Sharon Ward from Ohio
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